Customized textile products according to the idea of the customer

Segugi produces blankets, plaids, pillowcases in various fabrics, also 100% natural and wool felt bags with individual drawings and writings

We realize plaids and accessories with logos, texts and drawings that give the products a touch of originality based on the layout and idea of the customer.

We offer more than 70 different wool colors.

For hotels and alpine huts we usually use materials consisting of 80% merino wool and 20% polyester. This small percentage of polyester (only weft), allows the cleaning of the plaid in the washing machine (30 °C wool washing cycle without spin), which is very useful in everyday life. On request, we can use 100% natural fabrics such as merino wool/mohair, merino wool/alpaca, merino wool/cotton and cotton which is highly appreciated for the SPA use.

We produce seat and chair covers as well as customized accessories in wool felt.

According to the philosophy of the textile company Segugi, individual products are produced with the same attention in terms of quality of the raw materials and accuracy of implementation as the collections.

For this reason, the Segugi creations are a nice and original idea to sell to guests as souvenirs. So they can take a touch of hotel atmosphere and ambience back home.