Plaids, pillowcases and stoles with original reliefs - Textile Products

Thanks to the use of high quality materials and the special design, the personalized Segugi blankets are soft, warm and lightweight

Our blankets are made with a special and innovative system by spinning of the wool fiber instead of the traditional yarn. This technique ensures that the blankets of the brand „Segugi” with original relief drawings are soft, warm and light as a feather. We produce the following:

  • plaids with relief drawings of wool, wool/cotton, wool/alpaca, wool/mohair, cotton in different sizes
  • pillowcases with relief drawings
  • stoles for the bed with relief drawings
  • wool capes with relief drawings

Furthermore we use a traditional knitting processing technique of high quality yarns to produce:

  • knitted plaids made from wool, cashmere, linen/cotton with jacquard drawings
  • stoles for the bed with jacquard drawings
  • knitted pillowcases with jacquard drawings
  • knitted wool plaids with real fur applications

Products made from wool felt:

  • bags of wool felt with leather or fur processing
  • individualized chair and seat covers made of felt

For all our products we use raw materials of the highest quality and if possible natural colors.

Technological innovation in the field of textile fibers - perfumed plaids

The company Segugi produces plaids with the scent of stone pine, a native plant in the Alps with a soothing and calming effect

Innovation is the engine which drives our company to grow. Therefore we have developed fragrant plaids with organic essential stone pine oil. Thanks to a new technology the scent is released by and by through the use.

The stone pine (Pinus cembra) is a characteristic plant of the Alps, which crows only from 1400 to 2100 m above sea level.

The organic, essential oil of the stone pine, with its exceptional flavor, has a calming and relaxing effect, especially during the sleep. In addition it provides natural, antibacterial and moth destructive characteristics.